Support for breastfeeding and bottle feeding

There is now support for breastfeeding and bottle-feeding mothers – and this is important to support and nurture the emotional well being of parents.

Support for breastfeeding

If you decide that you would like additional support for breastfeeding, a good place to start is by talking with your midwife or maternal and child health nurse.

Often these health professionals will have access to others who have specialist skills in this area – including lactation consultants. You can also access further information and support from the Australian Breastfeeding Association and the Raising Children Network who have a range of information and resources to assist you as well as a helpline.

Support for Bottle-feeding

Whilst in the past there has always been a focus on providing such support for those trying to breastfeed, it is only in more recent times that there is now also additional supports for those who are bottle-feeding.

In particular, this includes a range of website and books which have been written and developed in response to the significant pressure and guilt that many women are left experiencing as a result of not breast-feeding their baby (for what-ever reason).

A review of these websites including Fierce Formula Feeding, Bottle Babies and Guilt Free Bottle Feeding can help you draw on the insights of others and very importantly, help you to realise that you are not alone.