Stress in pregnancy

Whilst some degree of stress in our lives is normal, once this stress starts taking over, this can become distress, and impact on your ability to function at your full capacity.

Often stress is associated with a feeling of losing control – or not having the resources or ability to manage challenges that lie ahead.

Some factors that may increase stress in pregnancy may include:

  • having a stressful or unplanned pregnancy
  • having a prior negative pregnancy, birth or early parenthood experiences (such as inadequate sleep, breastfeeding difficulties, or an unsettled baby)
  • experiencing complications in the pregnancy
  • being a single parent or adolescent may also cause you to feel more stressed or overwhelmed, as you contemplate how you will manage
  • experiencing relationship difficulties with your partner can also greatly increase your feelings of distress and concern for the relationship as well as your feeling of security for your growing family.

There are a range of relaxation strategies that can be helpful and assist in alleviating your feelings of stress or apprehension.