Strategies to help bonding with your baby

Bonding with your baby doesn’t always occur instantly for all mums and dads.  For some this takes time. Here are some strategies that can help.

Ways that you can promote a secure attachment with your baby

Some of the ways that you can help to develop a secure attachment include:

  • Reliably and sensitively responding to your baby’s cues for comfort when they cry or are distressed.  You can do this by holding and cuddling, talking, smiling, and gently rocking your baby.
  • Imagining how your baby may experience the world. Try to take time to see the world from their point of view.
  • Taking time to delight in your baby and their experience.
  • Getting to know your baby as a person and thinking of him or her as a unique little person (as opposed to simply ‘a baby’).
  • Engage in play, massage and talking with your baby will not only stimulate their senses, but also build a strong, positive connection between you both.

A relationship is a two way street.

By taking time to develop and nurture your relationship with your baby in the first months, you will find that this will help you to not only understand and know your baby, but this will also help to foster that special relationship that this there for life.

It may take time, and that is ok.