Pregnancy loss

Each year in Australia, approximately 150,000 women experience the loss of a developing or new baby. Often termed ‘reproductive loss’ most of these are due to miscarriage (147,000).  In addition around 1,750 babies are stillborn (the baby has died after 20 weeks during a pregnancy) and some 850 babies die in the first 28 days after birth in Australia each year.

The loss of a developing or new baby can lead to strong feelings of sadness and grief. Often however these emotions that you may experience are minimised or not well understood by our family, friends or others in the community.

We were devastated. We were so excited and hopeful about our lives and our future as new parents-to-be. When we were told  that our baby had died left us feeling shattered. We were terribly sad and a felt so alone.

The impact of pregnancy loss or the loss of a new baby can have a significant impact on your emotional and mental health.

The following sections provide more information and support for women and men when coming to terms with the loss of a baby and some advice for moving forward following your loss.


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