Helping you adjust
to the growing changes in pregnancy

Finding out that you are pregnant can lead to a whirlwind of emotions, and they are likely to vary greatly depending on your intentions, situations and circumstances.

Confirmation of a pregnancy officially begins at the time when changes will begin to occur – and these include the many psychological changes that occur in pregnancy. Whilst we often focus on the physical changes in women – which over time become the most obvious, there are many psychological, emotional and social changes that are beginning to take place – often without you even being aware of them.

This change and the adjustment involved can place some women at increased risk of experiencing stress, depression, anxiety or other mental health conditions that can occur or reoccur during pregnancy.

This section will help you to become aware and know what to look out for in relation to your emotional health and mental health – which is as important as being aware of what to expect with regards to the physical changes that you are likely to experience. It also provides information about how to access help for these conditions during pregnancy as well as dealing with unfortunate events such as pregnancy loss.