Getting Help

Helping you navigate your way…
to timely, appropriate help


Seeking help and support at various stages throughout the journey into parenthood is vital. Too often both men and women, mothers and fathers do not seek help early, but rather wait, hoping that things will get better on their own. Sadly, help is often not sought until things have become overwhelming, out of control, or have literally reached crisis point.

By delaying seeking advice, support or help, this can increase the overall stress that you place on yourselves, your relationship and ultimately on others around you – including your children. This can make stress, emotional or mental health conditions more severe, and result in the need for more intensive treatments, and recovery time is likely to take longer.

Just like if you were experiencing physical pain, which continued to get worse over time, it is important to seek help, so that steps can be put in place to give you the tools, supports or treatments, to help you to get on top of things. There are a wide range of effective treatments available under Medicare, online, and many treatments are subsidised by private health insurance companies.