Recovering from birth

In most cases giving birth, especially to your first baby, can be physically and emotionally exhausting – for both parents, and recovery from birth can take time.

For women there may be an experience of pain and discomfort, and, depending on the outcome of the birth it may take some time to recover physically from the birth process – particularly if you had experienced a traumatic birth and/or aftercare. Physical recovery varies greatly from hours to days, weeks or even months.

It is important to give yourself time to recover.

Where possible try and both get some rest whenever you have the opportunity. Creating opportunities for this in advance can be very helpful. For example, if partners are able to take some time off work to catch up on sleep and help with the settling of the new baby this benefits everyone.

Try and arrange some time just for yourselves each day – even if it is to have a shower, catch up on some sleep, go for a walk or read. If you have other children, where possible try and arrange for them to spend time with others initially, to give you some time and space to get your energy levels back.



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