Work life as a parent

In addition to adjusting to all these changes in your home life, for most fathers there is your working life that also needs to be returned to, and integrated into your life. Adjusting and getting back into work life as a parent (with it’s own demands) coupled with the effects of interrupted sleep and/or possible sleep deprivation is yet another transition.

Whilst more than ever you may wish to return home from work and be able to relax and want to zone out in front of the TV to wind down, the experience of your partner and their needs may be quite different. For example, your partner’s day may have lead her to be quite isolated, lacking adult company and/or attending to the needs of the baby all day, hence she may crave adult conversation and/or some time for herself.

It is important to acknowledge the diversity in your situations and needs, and try to both compromise to some degree so that both of your needs can be fulfilled – at least in part.  Acknowledging and genuinely respecting the critical role that both parents play will be beneficial for your relationship in the immediate and longer term.